We are convinced that your talents linked with your skills represent a huge potential that is often untapped and may be developed.


The importance of emotional skills

Talent or emotional intelligence represents capacities, behaviours, or skills that we can identify, understand, and use wisely.


Despite inequalities related to our various characters, these skills can be improved by developing our curiosity through our emotions.


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Improve your leadership with a horse as guide

Horses by nature are flee animals, to work in their company, calm, patience, clear communication are key ingredients in making the relation pleasant for both you. You need to show the horse that he can trust you and that your intentions are good.


The same apply when you lead human.



"Learn the secrets to find your path to career success! Matching your confidence and your appearance ! Create your personal style!


Reflect your personality and strength with femininity!"



« Pratique de l'éducation émotionnelle », Michel Claeys Bouuaert

"The Emotional Intelligence Class" The English version of this book has not been published yet.


The education system provides us amount of information, but it has neglected until now the area of emotional education: to see, look and hear correctly, to deal with feelings, to listen and communicate efficiently, to formulate demands, to take responsibility, to think creatively and positively, to build up self-esteem and act with assertiveness, to achieve success by developing inner empowerment.


This book gives a lively transcription of emotional education classes: a teacher and his students are going through a playful program, full of surprising insights and revelations. The author explores all the themes and skills that are indispensable for anyone who cares about a successful life. He offers the reader a surprisingly profound vision of life and the most efficient educational tools. The process described, the games and activities explored, played and discussed.


It is aimed at the younger generations in the first place, especially our teenagers. No doubt they will know and understand how important Emotional Education is for them.

It is further aimed at teachers and educators. They will find it to be a useful guide, a model from which they can learn and be inspired, a textbook that they can work with. This book is for any person wishing to learn, enhance and empower his or her life.


Born in Belgium in 1950, father of four children, Michel Claeys was at first trained as a lawyer and criminologist. He turned to education and personal development before his thirties, when he felt increasingly uncomfortable in his lawyer's career. He worked as an independent psychotherapist and published various articles and guided relaxation exercises. In 2000, his children having grown up, he moved to China, Beijing. Emotional Education has been for many years his primary concern. This book is the result extensive research and experience in the field of personal development education.


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