Take up a new challenge or redirect your career. The evaluation of your talents fosters the success of your professional projects.

Assessment Skills – Vocational Guidance – Coaching – Training – Leadership




You are a student and soon graduate?

Detect your talents and skills necessary for a profession.


Take up a new challenge or reorient your professional career. Build on your strengths.

Talent Explorer helps you identify your strengths and professional predispositions. The analysis report provides a tool to your coach to guide you in your transition or reorientation career development.

The evaluation of behavioural skills increases your self-confidence.

Detect and adapt your leadership styles

Are you a visionary, leader-coach, democratic, partner, winner or an authoritarian?

Talent Explorer enables you to identify with precision your way to bring others to action, to motivate them, and your leadership style. This report identifies your key behaviours and natural skills as a manager. You will discover your predominant styles in leading your collaborators.


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