We are convinced that your talents linked with your skills represent a huge potential that is often untapped and may be developed.


The evaluation and self-evaluation method Talent Explorer is based on works published by Daniel Goleman, author of „Emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence at work“ with Richard Boyatzis and Anne McKee as co-authors. It is also based on statistics provided by two researchers, Curt Coffmann and Gabriel Gonzales-Molinas from Gallup Organisation, published in 2002.


Upon observing the behavioural studies and statistics conducted, we have noted that knowledge and know-how are important, but only talents alone constitute a potential for excellence. We have validated 32 behavioural patterns bringing true added value in our professional activities, in a simple and objective manner without referring to the standard self-evaluation methods (what I think of myself).


To develop the new evaluation concept, we have consulted with Alain Baptiste, psycho-socio pedagogue, specialist in adult training and creator of pedagogical methods such as photo-language, used worldwide (Europe, USA, India, China and Africa).


The new concept and applications were developed in 2003 by Christian Schallenberger and Marc Aerni, the two founders of talent-explorer.com and the company T-Conseils SA. The headquarters has been established in Geneva in 2007.


Since then, new partner have joined T-Conseils SA to participate in developing new services dedicated to companies and sports associations.



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